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Malta in the EU

Malta‘s relations with the European Union (EU) date back to the 1970‘s, when Malta signed the Association Agreement with the European Community. Twenty years later, Malta submitted the application to join the EU, and it became member in 2004. In January 2008, the Euro was adopted as the National Currency. The Euro offers the prospect of enhancing the economy‘s potential to grow faster. All this has since put Malta on the investment map.

Since joining the EU, there was an increase in foreign companies investing in Malta in the ICT, pharmaceutical and financial services sectors. The past three years have seen a radical change where roads are concerned and this has made travel and transport across the island more manageable.

EU membership has also brought with it a greater awareness of critical issues such as lifelong learning and gender equality. A number of initiatives have been introduced to make it easier for women to join the labour market. These include: the setting up of child care-centres; specialised training at convenient hours and family friendly work practices.

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