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Malta is in Top-20 Financial Services Jurisdiction

Malta has climbed six places in the Global Competitiveness Index in accordance to the Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum, moving up to 41st place among 148 countries.

The Global Competitiveness Report provides an in-depth analysis of the competitiveness levels of the world's economies, providing investors with a wide-range of data supporting their business decisions.

This year Malta confirmed its position as a leading financial jurisdiction and has retained its status of an innovation-driven economy.

From the outcome of the report Malta has been ranked amongst the top 20 world nations, out of 148, with regards to issues related to soundness of its banking institutions (14th), the regulation of Securities Exchanges (17th) and the strength and reporting standards (13th).

Malta showed significant progress in Health and Primary education - this index is the highest ranking ‘pillar‘ of Global Competitiveness from among 12 pillars of competitiveness measured in the report (up to 15th from 19th last year). Good results have been achieved in the quality of the educational system, which now ranks 8th best in the world.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Report ‘assesses the ability of countries to provide high levels of prosperity to their citizens. This in turn depends on how productively a country uses available resources. Therefore, the Global Competitiveness Index measures the set of institutions, policies, and factors that set the sustainable current and medium-term levels of economic prosperity”.

The full Global Competitiveness Report is available here.

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