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How do I register a Malta company for VAT?

A company registered in Malta which is trading in goods and/or services in Malta is required to register under Article 10 of the VAT Act within 30 days of its first supply of goods and/or services made in Malta.

We may on behalf of our clients apply for a Maltese VAT Number for their company in Malta, which will require an application form to be signed by the directors of the company and other documentation and due diligence relating to the company and the directors. The application consists of a declaration on the type of business of the Maltese company and the estimated turnover and purchases in Malta and in the other EU Member States made by the duly company registered in Malta.

Fides may also offer clients VAT services such as compiling VAT Returns which are to be prepared quarterly and submitted on a timely basis to the Maltese VAT Authorities. Failure to meet the reporting deadlines will result in late submission fines and penalties being imposed by the Maltese VAT Authorities.