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International Owners

Legally sound foreign corporate bodies and individuals who are citizens of the European Union are qualified to own Maltese ships.


The Malta Maritime Authority (MMA) requires the foreign corporate body to provide the following prior to the registration of the vessel:

The Malta Maritime Authority may in addition to the above requirements in connection with the registration of a vessel on the Maltese Register by a non-Maltese company, request additional documentation to ensure that its conditions in relation to the foreign owning company are satisfied.

If the documentation requested above is not in the English language, a translation thereof duly signed and certified by a qualified translator will be required. In relation to the Good Standing Certificate and legal opinion, we will advise, as necessary, as to the relative date that should be given to this documentation.

A non-Maltese owner must appoint a Resident Agent in Malta to act on its behalf prior to the registration of the yacht or vessel on the Maltese Register. We may provide Resident Agent services upon request.