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Resident Agent applicable only to private aircraft

When an application is submitted by an international registrant from an approved jurisdiction, such international registrant is required to appoint, prior to registration of an aircraft, a resident agent who shall be based in Malta .The international registrant shall ensure that it has a validly appointed resident agent at all times.
The Resident Agent shall act as the channel of communication between the international registrant and the Director General and other Maltese government departments and authorities. A full description of the powers of the Resident Agent can be found in Article 22 of the Aircraft Registration Act 2010.
A resident agent must be habitually resident in Malta, is not interdicted or incapacitated or is an undischarged bankrupt; has not been convicted of any of the crimes affecting public trust or of theft or of fraud or money laundering or of knowingly receiving property obtained by theft or fraud and has satisfied the Director General that he is a person capable of carrying out the functions stated under the Aircraft Registration Act 2010.

Resident Agent applicable only to private aircraft