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Malta Aircraft Mortgage

The Malta Civil Aviation Department provides for an aircraft mortgage register, which is similar to the one under the Malta Merchant Shipping Directorate.

To enter a mortgage onto the Malta national aircraft register we would require the following information:

(i) A mortgage form, in original, duly completed and signed by the mortgagor and attested by a witness. (Please note that the signature on the mortgage form must be notarised and legalised, if executed outside Malta);

(ii) If the mortgage form is being signed by one of our authorised attorneys at Fides in Malta, an original Power of Attorney granted by the mortgagor, duly notarised and legalised, is also required;

(iii) A copy of corporate authorities (by way of company resolution) authorising the granting of the mortgage over the relevant Maltese aircraft and authorising the named attorney or attorneys to sign the mortgage form in Malta.

On the production of a mortgage for registration in the prescribed form, the Director General shall record it in the national aircraft register. Mortgages shall be recorded by the Director General in the order of time in which they are produced to him for that purpose, and the Director General shall by memorandum under his hand notify on each mortgage that it has been recorded by him, stating the date and time of such record.

This is without prejudice to the applicability of the provisions of the Cape Town Convention in International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Aircraft Protocol as substantively represented in the First Schedule to the Aircraft Registration Act, 2010.