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The Aircraft Registration Act, Chapter 503 of the Laws of Malta, (“the Act”) is the regulatory framework available in Malta for the registration of aircrafts and aircraft mortgages. Malta through the Aircraft Registration Act has also implemented the provisions of the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Aircraft Protocol (“the Convention”), following Malta‘s accession to the convention, further cementing Malta‘s reputation as an aviation centre.

Malta Aircraft Registration

The Aerodrome Licensing and Aircraft Registry unit is responsible for receiving, reviewing and processing, in co-operation with other units within the Department, applications for an aircraft to be issued a Certificate of Registration and included on the Malta Register of Aircraft.

According to the Malta Air Navigation Order the following may qualify to own and register an aircraft in Malta or own a share therein:

In addition to the official application forms, the following particulars are required in order to proceed with the registration of your aircraft in Malta:

Malta Aircraft Mortgage

The Malta Civil Aviation Department provides for an aircraft mortgage register, which is similar to the one under the Malta Merchant Shipping Directorate.

Commercial Aircraft leasing in Malta

If commercial aircraft leasing is done through a Maltese company no VAT is to be charged.

Aircraft Maintenance in Malta

Malta offers a lot of facilities for maintenance of aircrafts. Lufthansa Technik is one of the major companies which offer such service in Malta.

Fractional Ownership

A novel concept introduced by the Act is the concept of fractional ownership, thereby allowing an aircraft to be split among co-owners inspecified fractions or percentages. Each ownership interest may be annotated in the national aircraft register and in certificates issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation, who shall register the name, address and interest or title of the owner holding such interest.

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