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An important and efficient legal vehicle which is available under Maltese laws which may be utilized for an efficient tax planning is the creation of a Maltese trust which is governed by the Trusts and Trustees Act. Without trusts, many companies that are directly owned by private clients or corporate groups will not provide the adequate tax efficiency sought.

Fides‘ clients requiring trust services in Malta can benefit from the services of our Maltese licenced trustee, Fides Fiduciary Limited, which delivers a flexible and responsible trust service that meets the needs of our international business oriented clients. The trust services we may provide our Maltese office and which are available include the setting up of discretionary trusts, fixed interest trusts, accumulation and maintenance trusts and revocable trusts. Kindly contact our trust team at Fides Corporate Services for further information on Maltese trusts and how our Maltese trustee may be of service to you or your clients.

Trustee Services