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Tax Planning

Maltese Tax Services

Although we pride ourselves in giving the most comprehensive and detailed advisory services possible to our clients, being it in the area of tax, corporate, legal or business development, it is recognised that the tax implications are a key element of any business advisory team. Insofar as every commercial transactions will carry with it certain tax implications, as well as the fact that legislation and tax practice are becoming increasingly complex, and tax authorities more stringent, obtaining timely and effective tax planning can be instruments as well as cost effective.

Malta Tax Services

Our team of specialized tax advisors may assist international clients in optimizing their taxation, we may offer both Corporate Tax advisory Services as well as Personal Tax Advisory Services. Over the years we have established affiliates worldwide and as a result we may assist our clients with their international tax planning requirements.

Our Maltese corporate tax advisory services would include consultancy on tax accounting, double tax relief, exemptions, carry-forward of tax losses, allowable deductions, capital allowances, group provisions, application of anti-avoidance provisions, and capital gains.

Our Maltese Personal Tax advisory services would include consultancy on taxation of employees and residence planning such as permanent residence and ordinary residence, taxation of individuals including personal tax rates for residents and non-resident individuals, social security contributions. Fides may also advise on the taxation of particular types of individuals such as artists, entertainers, sportsmen and independent professionals.

Malta Transaction tax and Tax Scenarios

We may advice clients on the tax implications of a particular transaction or a series of multiple transactions. If required we may provide detailed computations to substantiate and demonstrate effects and differences on the effective tax charge and tax rate arising from various scenarios. We also advise clients on how to best structure transactions to optimise tax efficiency.

Malta Tax Treaties

We provide analysis and an explanation on the provisions of Malta‘s double tax agreements and the entitlement to treaty relief.

International Tax Planning and Structuring

Advisory services on the potential utilisation of Malta and foreign entities to maximise tax efficiency. Our advisory services on international tax planning include repatriation strategies, withholding tax planning, transfer pricing, CFC legislation, special purpose vehicles, the use of participation exemptions and treaty planning.

Management and Control

We offer advisory services on the creation of substance in Malta.

Maltese Advance Revenue Rulings

We assist clients to apply and obtain Advance Revenue Rulings from the International Tax Unit.

Communication with Tax authorities

Once engaged by our clients we may liaise on behalf of our clients to resolve disputes with Malta‘s Inland Revenue Departments.

Tax Compliance

We assist both companies and individuals to fulfill their compliance obligations in Malta including registration with Revenue Departments, the preparation and submission of tax returns and filing of claims for tax refunds.

Indirect Tax

Advisory services on Value Added Tax and other indirect taxes in Malta. We also assist individuals and companies to comply their statutory VAT obligations in Malta.