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Malta Tax Refund Registration

The Maltese effective corporate tax rate may be reduced to 0% or 5% through the application of various refunds available to the shareholders of a Malta company whether corporate shareholders of individuals.

The rate of the Maltese tax refund shall be dependent on the characteristics of the stream of income and on the relationship between the Maltese corporate structure and the foreign company remitting such income. The Malta tax refund system is granted on a non-discriminatory basis.

A company registered in Malta may also benefit from the Participation Exemption System. The Maltese participation exemption provides for a full tax exemption to qualifying income

The following are the available Malta tax refunds include:
We may assist our clients with the registration of the shareholders of a company registered in Malta and submission of all required supporting documentation with the Maltese Inland Revenue Department. Contact us for further information on how we may assist you.