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Social Security and Insurance in Malta

The Social Security Act (Cap 318) provides for two basic schemes.

  1. Contributory Scheme
  2. Non Contributory Scheme.

In the Contributory Scheme, the basic requirement for entitlement is that specific contribution conditions are contingency satisfied. In the Non Contributory Scheme, the basic requirement is that the conditions of the means test are satisfied. People employed in Malta and subject to income tax in Malta are also subject to pay social Security in Malta.

The Contributory Scheme in Malta is a system where an employee, self-occupied or self-employed person pays a weekly contribution as laid down by the Social Security Act. The essence of the scheme is in contribution during the period that a person is gainfully active in order to provide for himself when a later contingency such as sickness, unemployment or retirement occurs. Persons who pay social Security in Malta are eligible for the benefit of free hospital care at the Malta general hospital.

The Non-Contributory Scheme is a comprehensive scheme covering types of benefits that supplement each other. This provides for simultaneous coverage in those cases where more than one contingency is present. Moreover, through the process of targeting, this scheme has succeeded in the provision of additional assistance to certain specific categories such as, in the case of persons with a disability, in the case of single parents, as well as in the case of the family as a single unit.

Health Insurance

One of the requirements to obtain Ordinary residence in Malta is to be in possession of sickness insurance in respect of all risks across the whole of the EU normally covered for Maltese nationals for himself and his dependents.

Insurance companies offer wide range of Health Insurance Plans for both Maltese residents and non-Maltese residents. Price of health insurance varies depending on the age of an applicant.

Fides Corporate Services can assist its clients to apply for a suitable Health Insurance Plan with a respectable insurance company in Malta.