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Retirement Programme in Malta

The Malta Retirement Programme is a programme designed to attract nationals of the EU, EEA and Switzerland who are not in an employment relationship and are in receipt of a pension as their regular source of income.


Applicants meeting all of the following criteria are eligible to submit an application in terms of the Malta Retirement Programme:

1) Owns or rents an immovable property which the individual occupies as his principal place of residence worldwide. The value of the property needs to be as follows:

‚Äči. Malta: €275,000

ii. Gozo: €250,000

i. Malta: €9,600 annually;

ii. Gozo: €8,750 annually.

The lease needs to be taken out for not less than a twelve month period and is evidenced by a certified lease agreement submitted together with the application.

2) Is not a beneficiary in terms of any of the below tax Regulations:

3) Is either:

4) Is in receipt of a pension which is supported by the original documentary evidence.

5) Is in possession of a valid travel document.

6) Is in possession of sickness insurance in respect of all risks across the whole of the EU normally covered for Maltese nationals for himself and his dependents.

7) Is not domiciled in Malta and does not intend to establish his domicile in Malta within five years from the date of application.

8) Is a fit and proper person.

9) Has applied for a Registration Certificate in Malta in terms of the Free Movement of European Union Nationals and their Family Members Order and a copy of the acknowledgement or Residence Card/Document is to be submitted with the application.

Tax treatment

An individual who has been granted special tax status in accordance with the MRP will be subject to a rate of fifteen cents (0.15) on every euro thereof on any income that is received in Malta from foreign sources by the beneficiary or his dependents.

Other chargeable income of the beneficiary and his spouse that is not charged to tax as separate income at the rate mentioned above will be charged to tax at the rate of thirty-five cents (0.35) on every euro.

Beneficiaries will need to pay a minimum tax €7,500 annually and a further €500 in respect of every dependent and every special carer.

Special Carer

A special carer is an individual who has been providing substantial and regular, curative or rehabilitative health care services to the beneficiary or his dependents in a systematic manner for at least three years prior to an application for special tax status in terms of the Malta Retirement Programme. A special carer may reside with the beneficiary in the qualifying property. It is important that the rendering of such service is regulated by a contract of service.