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Malta Work Permits

Living and working in Malta

Non- EU citizens who are seeking to live and work in Malta need to obtain an Employment Permit. Based on the issue of an employment permit the individual will then be eligible to apply for a temporary residence to cover for the period of employment. A work permit will only be given on a temporary basis (to be renewed every 1-3 years) and for a specified position provided that no suitable qualified Maltese candidates are available. The applicant must possess a professional qualification or a high degree of skill or experience.

A local Maltese employer must first be secured and it is through the employers that an application must be submitted. Applications must be entered at least three months prior to the expected dated of commencement of employment. If a change of employer is made whilst in Malta, an application for a new permit must be made. Malta became a member of the EU (May 2004) and any EU National is free to live and work in Malta under European Union treaty law.

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