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Malta Company Registration

A Maltese company may be setup for the dual purpose of holding shares and assets and for carrying out trading activities. A Malta company may be incorporated to carry out the mixed activities of trading and holding nature, with a distinction between the two activities being made in the respective tax accounts for each income stream.
The below is a brief outline on the characteristics of a Malta company. Company registration in Malta is regulated by the Registry of Companies (which forms part of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)).

General Information

Company Law in Malta
Companies Act 1995
Type of Company in Malta Private Limited Liability Company
Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents English
Exchange Control No
Length of Time to Incorporate a Malta company 3 to 5 working days
Malta Government Registration Fee Euro 350 for authorised share capital up to Euro 4,658.75
Shelf Companies Available No

Corporate Names

Name Restrictions Names identical or similar enough to create confusion, offensive or otherwise undesirable
Endings and Abbreviations Required ‘Private Limited Company‘, ‘Limited‘ or its abbreviation ‘Ltd.‘
Length of Time to Verify Name Availability Less then 24 hours depending on name similarity
Reservation of Names Permitted Yes
Language of Name Any language using the Latin alphabet
Name of Banks, Insurance, Investment Fund, Trust Company or their Equivalents Require Consent or License Yes

Capital and Shareholders

Minimum Number of Shareholders in a Malta company 2 (there are exceptional circumstances where one member is permitted)
Corporate Shareholders Permitted Yes
Local Shareholders required No
Disclosure of Shareholders Yes (Anonymity can be retained through a licensed Fiduciary or Trustee)
Minimum Authorised Shares to be Issued Euro 1,164.69 (one thousand one hundred and sixty four Euro &sixty nine cents)
Bearer Shares Permitted No
Registered Shares Permitted Yes

Directors and Company Secretary

Minimum Number of Directors in a Malta company
Minimum Number of Company Secretaries 1
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Corporate Company Secretary Permitted No
Local Directors / Company Secretary Required No
Disclosure of Directors / Company Secretary Yes
Appointment of Subsequent Directors / Officers Yes


Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Required Yes - notice to be given to every member of the company and its auditor
Annual General Meeting of Directors Required No
Location of Directors and Shareholders Meetings Malta - for place of effective control &management
Adoption by Consent Permitted Yes
Quorum Required for Purposes of Meetings 2 members personally present shall be a quorum in so far as the articles of the company do not contain other provisions

Local Requirements

Registered Office in Malta Yes
Register of Directors / Officers to be kept at Registered Office Yes
Company Seal Required No
Copy of Minutes to be kept at Registered Office Yes or at any such place as may be specified in the memorandum of articles
Copy of Share Register to be kept at Registered Office Yes

Annual Requirements

Minimum Annual Government Fee or Franchise Tax Registration of an annual return, Euro 163.06 where the authorised share capital of the Company does not exceed Euro 11,646.87
Requirement to File Annual Return Yes (42 days after the date to which it is made up)
Requirement for Financial Audited Accounts Yes
Requirement to file Financial Statements Yes (ten months after the end of the relevant accounting reference period & 42 days)
Requirement to file Tax Return Yes

Other Relevant Information

Member of Apostille of the Hague Convention
Increase or Reduction of Amount of Issued Shares By extraordinary resolution - restrictions may apply
Appointment or Removal of Director(s) By ordinary resolution - restrictions may apply
Redomiciliation Permitted Yes
Reinstatement at Registry Yes, by Court order preceding striking-off
Removal from Registry Following dissolution & consequential winding up
Corporate Tax 35% (credit / refunds may apply to the shareholder(s))
Double Taxation Agreements Yes, over 50

The setting up and incorporation of a Malta company may be a fairly straightforward and once we have all the necessary due diligence and approvals on how to structure your Malta company, registration of your Malta company may take place in 48 hours.

Malta Company Registration