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Malta Remote Gaming Company

Malta is the only European Union member state which regulates remote gaming, having the provisions of the remote Gaming regulations to regulate it. Maltese law provides for the establishment and operation of companies engaged in remote/online gaming activities (such as online casinos, casino-style games, betting exchanges and lotteries) which benefit from very attractive fiscal incentives. The remote gaming sector is dynamic and has rapidly grown in Malta.

The LGA has been set up and is charged with overseeing the regulatory infrastructure and implementation of remote gaming operations set up in Malta. Following a publication in April 2004 of the revamped Remote Gaming Regulations, Malta became the first EU member state to regulate Remote Gaming.
In March 2005, the Malta Remote Gaming Council was launched. This Council brings together all Maltese remote gaming licensees, giving them the opportunity to meet new challenges and voice their opinions from an operational point of view, in order to complement the work and research carried out by the regulators. The LGA also launched an on-line forum aiming to create an on-going discussion between all stakeholders, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and legal and financial representatives from the Maltese remote gaming industry.
Advantages of setting up a Malta Gaming Company:
  • A established Jurisdiction coupled with a sound banking infrastructure;
  • An efficient and relatively inexpensive licensing process;
  • An established and well regulated financial services industry;
  • Low Malta Gaming Tax;
  • Attractive fiscal incentives to benefit companies operating from the island, including the availability of tax refunds based on Malta‘s full imputation system and the available wide network of double tax treaties with various countries;
  • A highly skilled workforce at lower operational costs than comparable jurisdictions;
  • All the advantages inherent to a gaming licence in an EU Member State, such as benefits with employees mobility and services offered, as well as accessibility to the EU territory customs duty.

Malta Remote Gaming Company