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Malta International Trading Company

A Malta company may be utilised for the carrying out of invoicing / re-invoicing of goods and services as well for the receipt of trading commissions from any country to any destination and for transit trade activities in combination with the operation of bonded warehouses, bonded factories and the free trade zones.

Malta Companies may provide services such as provision of labour, accounting function, sales promotion, market research, commission agency, intermediation, client referrals and several other. They may employ expatriate staff, who benefit from double tax treaty provisions, by paying tax and social insurance in Malta at low rates, thus avoiding the high tax rates in their home country.

In this way, profits made by the Malta Company, shall upon a distribution of dividends, entitle the shareholders to a tax refund, with the ultimate tax exposure on active trading income being of just 5%. Trading from a fully onshore EU jurisdiction such as Malta and using appropriate tax planning to mitigate Malta Tax is a more acceptable and used strategy nowadays than trading through an offshore company registered in a tax haven.

Malta International Trading Company