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Bank Account opening and management

There is no need for a Maltese company to open a bank account with a Maltese bank, however, depending on circumstances, it is recommended to open a bank account in Malta. Fides Corporate Services may:

  • introduce you to a Maltese banking entity,
  • assist you in preparing the required documents,
  • open accounts, whether personal, corporate or non-resident.
  • should you appoint Fides Management as your local director then it is our standard policy to also act as signatory on the bank accounts
The banking services may include:
  • Opening of bank accounts in local and foreign currencies,
  • Management of the account (payments, transfers, deposits, reconciliation‘s, letters of credit or other banking instruments),
  • Cheque book facility,
  • Credit card facility - you would be required to pledge a security,
  • Internet Banking facilities

Standard Due Diligence Documents necessary for bank account opening for a Maltese company:

Non-resident Individuals (shareholders or director of a Maltese company):

  • a banker‘s reference (in original)
  • a copy of individuals passport
  • a utility bill proving residential address
  • Official documents of the Malta company

Foreign Companies:

  • a banker‘s reference (in original) for each beneficial owner, each director of the company and each signatory to the bank account
  • a copy of the passport of each beneficial owner, each director of the company and each signatory to the bank account
  • a copy of the company‘s incorporation documents
  • a certificate of good standing for the company
  • a banker‘s reference for the company
  • a utility bill for each shareholder/director/signatory of the account

We may provide bank account opening services not only to Malta companies or other Malta Legal Entities, but also to individuals. Companies or entities of ALL nationalities and jurisdictions of valid legal ordinance may open a bank account in Malta . Fides may open bank accounts with the major banks in Malta or other European countries in the name of a Seychelles IBC, a Bahamas or a BVI company, a US LLC, an Italian, Greek or a British individual - Fides would need to carry out proper due diligence and “know-your-client” procedures in order to open a bank account. For further information on bank opening formalities with a Maltese, Switzerland, Seychelles, Cyprus or Hong Kong Banks:

Bank Account opening and management