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Back Office

Fides may provide Back office services including routine administrative and clerical service in relation to or in support of any type of commercial or professional activity.

Activities may include the processing and recording of invoices, sales transactions, and accounts management information reporting. Any routine or administrative tasks that is carried out in support of any business or professional activity pertaining to a financial services concern may be hived off or out-sourced in a way as to qualify as a back office activity as required by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). At Fides Corporate Services we may offer the following back office services:
  1. Maltese street address with dedicated mail receiving facilities and forwarding weekly of mail to your address;
  2. Immediate acknowledgement of mail sent by your clients and immediate forwarding of mail to you by e-mail or fax;
  3. Dedicated telephone/fax lines answered in your company‘s name; the client is serviced initially by our staff and calls are subsequently relayed to your telephone number anywhere in the world;
  4. Maltese mobile phone numbers with international roaming facilities in almost all countries worldwide;
  5. Fax lines for your company; faxes from clients are immediately answered with an acknowledgement and then forwarded to your e-mail address;
  6. Maltese e-mail addresses for your company which you can access from anywhere around the world;
  7. Invoicing, re-invoicing, book-keeping, accounts and audits; tax and VAT compliance in Malta;
  8. Secretarial services including relaying of your mail/faxes/e-mail to clients worldwide.